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Day 38 of Insanity ( Day 3 of the second phase) and not to stray away from Max Circuit and Max Plyo, Max Recovery was tough and far from a recovery. I know I was supposed to do Max Cardio today but my knee was acting up from the high impact of Max Plyo so I swapped the days to get a little bit of respite. This was pretty much a glorified extreme yoga. There were no high impact moves but LOTS of static work, lots of push-ups and plenty stretching which was still enough to make you break a heavy sweat. There were exercises to specifically target your groin, hip flexors, hip rotators, glutes, abs/core as well as your chest, triceps and biceps. Today was used as a recovery day for me of sorts and I made sure I stretched well and replenished with carbs.

Post Workout: same fish, veggies and potatoes as usual. Quick fixings with plenty of nutrition along with my protein shake.

The other picture is a progress pic from day 1 to day 38. When I’m done with insanity, based on my schedule, I will do a combination either Beach Body Focus T25 or Insanity again and I will include weight training as well

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